AV RoadShow

North Carolina Week

The Road Show hit the highway again after a break for Labor Day. This week, they trekked around North Carolina with stops in Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte.

Road Show begins again

Back on after a quick week off.

Outdoor show

Finding some shade



Goldie haulin

Goldie hanging out

Chief AV solutions

Waking up with Chief

Goldie's blue side

Unloading for another set up.

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Road Show, meet Virginia

The AV Road Show spent last week in Virginia with stops in Richmond, Henrico and Virginia Beach. They finished out this stretch with strong shows and earned a good week-long rest this week. We’ll catch up with the team again soon in North Carolina.


Great turnout for a road show event

Road Show awning

Great day for under the awning

Fusion mount

Fusion mounts always a highlight

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite bringing the heat

Bob Evans

Bob Evans break

Da-Lite presentation

George takes the stage


Gathered around the Kontour table


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Maryland and Virginia week

The Road Show spent the week in Maryland and Virginia, showcasing Da-Lite and Chief’s newest solutions. The team even had time to stop for some ALS ice bucket challenge. Frank Pisano has kicked off the challenge, and for each Chief marketing and sales team member who accepts, Chief is donating $20. You can donate as well here: http://www.alsa.org/donate/

Stops this week included Hunt Valley, Columbia, Lanham, Wheaton, and Gaithersburg, Maryland; and Ashburn, Sterling, Herndon, Chantilly and Alexandria, Virginia.

More stops are planned in Virginia for the next week, then we’ll be off for Labor Day week for a well deserved break for Tyrel, Road Show Specialist.

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite has the Light solution for your next install


Best part of the Road Show is mingling and hearing from customers.

AV presentation

AV fueling up for the AV show

Da-Lite on stage

Da-Lite brings the info

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite fixes AV faces

AV food

We got eyes for AV food and AV solutions

Kontour mounts

Kontour in the foreground, ConnexSys in the background

Lunch and AV

Tight quarters, no problem

Ready to go

Dream team, or Dreamy team?

Setting up the show

Tyrel getting the show in shape

Goldie Haulin

Goldie enjoys the weather

AV solutions

Hall of heroes

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Pennsylvania Week

The AV Road Show spent this week in Pennsylvania with stops at Allentown, West Chester, King of Prussia, Malvern, Kimberton and Garnet Valley before spending at the Almo E4 expo. The team is having a great time meeting installers and showcasing the latest mount and screen solutions.

Maryland, you’re next!

Da-Lite at Almo

Visitors get a good look at Da-Lite during Almo E4

AV selfies

Laurie and Brian hang out


Steve’s been having a great time meeting people at Almo E4

Set up at Almo

ConnexSys is on hand for video wall demos

Outdoor AV show

Another nice day for an outside show

Buffet food

AV food

Meeting with AV clients

Joey warms up the crowd

Road Show presentation

Another full house

Road Show Truck

More elbow room outside


Full on presentation pros


George is back in town to hang with ConnexSys

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Down the East Coast

The Road Show team made their way through three states this week. Stops included Newington and New Haven, Connecticut; Hauppauge, Farmingdale and Garden City, New York; and Rockaway, Fairfield, Clifton, Kenilworth, Lebanon and Edison, New Jersey.

Next week they move on to Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, back at Milestone HQ in Minnesota, we saw off the other road show truck as it started its way to Canada to begin the road show up north.

AV luchadore

Caption contest! sound off in the comments section


Frank can get REALLY excited about AV solutions. Either that or he’s singing. We’re not sure.

Outside in Rhode Island

Outside in Rhode Island

Fusion mounts

Fusion time

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite class is in session

hallway av

Hallway show. Note the new ceiling storage solutions in the foreground

outdoor road show

Filing out for a show

food truck

Food truck time

road show outside

Nice day to spread out a bit


Goldie on the Staten Island ferry.

Road Show on water

Lack of a road doesn’t stop the road show.

AV birthday

Road Show birthday for the road show specialist

AV rack accessories

Checking out the rack accessories

More fusion

More fusion features

Going over the features of the Fusion mounts

Going over the features of the Fusion mounts

More av food

Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose!

AV food

AV food

Outdoor AV

Another great week for outdoor shows

Fusion Ceiling Mounts

Showing the ceiling mounted menu board solution.

Mounted fan

New application spotted for the PFC cart.

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Massachusetts Week

The Road Show rolled through Massachusetts this week with stops in Wilmington, Billerica, Hudson, Hopkinton, Waltham, Sudbury and Cambridge.

Today the show is making stops in Cranston and Providence, Rhode Island.

model boat

Gonna need a bigger boat for these solutions

looking in from outside

Through the looking glass, people.

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite’s presentation is always a De-Lite.

AV food

Food, what food? There’s some awesome AV stuff to look at.

Sunny road show

Beautiful outdoor stop

Sunlight on mounts

Oooh, pretty

Resting a bit

Time to rest the tootsies between stops.

AV solutions

Frank shows us how it’s done

Da-Lite time

Da-Lite time

ConnexSys LVS

Checking out ConnexSys

Truck awning

The trucks awning comes in handy this year


Grabbing some shade


Rob shows some ConnexSys mounts

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Northeast Week 1

The road show crew was in the Northeast this week, with stops in Amherst, Syracuse, Albany, South Beach and Rochester, New York; Springfield, Massachusetts; Nashua, New Hampshire; and Scarborough and Portland, Maine.

We’ve also got a new domain name for the road show!  Bookmark www.theavroadshow.com to check back.

Next week, the Road Show returns to Massachusetts. Wave if you see us!


Breakfast road show style

Breakfast buffet, Road Show style

Another successful AV show

Northward bound!


Da-Lite time

Mobile office

Mobile office

Da-Lite show

Joe with a good crowd

Outdoor AV

Another lovely outdoor event

AV solutions

Setting up the tent

Chief AV

Lots of Chief solutions

Backs of heads

Tyrel is a stealth photographer when it comes to backs of heads!

Road Show

Robb kicks off the last day of the week

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OHIO Week!

The Chief and Da-Lite Road Show spent this week all over Ohio visiting various dealers and integrators. Visits included Dayton, Kettering, Vandalia, Columbus, Valley View and Berea. We also snuck over to Pennsylvania for a day to visit Pittsburgh.

Next week, we’re going to tear through the Northeast, with stops in four states!

The latest pics…


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Sometimes there's book keeping involved for the road show.

Sometimes there’s book keeping involved for the road show.

K4 monitor arrays with focal depth adjustment

K4 monitor arrays with focal depth adjustment front and center in a packed truck


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Illinois week

After InfoComm and a holiday break back in Minnesota HQ, the Road Show team is back on. This week, the Midwest team is in Illinois with stops in Naperville, Itasca, Schaumburg, Elgin and Arlington Heights.

Here are the latest pics from the road

AV solutions

George takes the floor.

Outdoor show

Great weather this week for plenty of outdoor shows.

Outside AV solutions

All lined up and ready to go

AVI-SPL road show stop

Inside works, too!

AV Awning


AV solutions

Lots of browsers at this stop

Goldie Haulin

Goldie’s ready

AV legends

Wall of legends

AV on Wheels

Packing up

Ceiling Menu Board Mount

Going over Fusion ceiling display solutions


ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System gets a good look

Kontour arrays

Kontour monitor arrays ready to roll.

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Goldie Haulin’ Speaks: A Q&A With the Road Show Truck

The Chief and Da-Lite Road Show began April 14 with a short tour of Iowa and Nebraska before heading west. For the past few weeks, the Road Show has been heading south along the coast through Washington, Oregon and California. This week, the truck is in Las Vegas for InfoComm.

Throughout the journey this summer, Goldie Haulin’ has been a key player on the Road Show team. The truck has put on thousands of miles already to bring the latest products from Chief and Da-Lite to dealers, distributors and installers across the country. Goldie even has her own Twitter account (@GoldieHaulin) where she occasionally sends updates from the road.

With some downtime before InfoComm, I figured there was no better time to catch her for a one-on-one interview.

It was a sunny day in San Diego last week when I caught up with Goldie for the Q&A. She was wearing her usual outfit  – Chief yellow design across one side, Da-Lite blue on the other. Flattering, altogether.  She offered me some gasoline for refreshments. I politely declined.

I came prepared with questions. It was finally time to sit down and really get to know the Truck behind the curtain.

Joel: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, Miss Haulin.

Goldie Haulin: Please, call me Goldie. It’s been nice to rest while the team sets up for InfoComm. May was hectic. You should’ve seen May. And pretty soon, we’ll be back at it again for the rest of the summer.

Joel: You’re going to InfoComm?

GH: You bet I’m going! I’ll be right outside waiting for people to stop by. I hear there will be plenty of games, refreshments and giveaways for people who have a golden ticket.

Joel: How do they get a golden ticket?

GH: Easy, just visit Chief booth C6830, participate in a ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System demo, and you get a ticket. Tyrel (the Road Show Specialist) will also be there handing out prizes. There’s more about what’s going on on the Chief blog.

Joel: You are on twitter. How’s that going?

GH: It’s going well. I haven’t been tweeting much lately. I’m meeting other great AVTweeps. I also love having my picture taken, so any opportunity to share them is great.

Joel: Does the driver sing while driving?

GH: Ha! I’ll tell you what. He does sometimes. But I’m sworn to secrecy as to what he sings.

Joel: Not sure how to respond to that other than to ask another question or three! Where was the most interesting place you have ever appeared? What were people most excited to see from you? What are your plans after this?

GH: I loved passing by the Talladega Speedway, but sadly enough we were on a tight schedule at the time, so I didn’t get the chance to test my mettle. Or is it metal? Anyway, moving on. People have been really excited to see the new solutions from Chief and Da-Lite – ConnexSys, Kontour, Advantage and ViewShare are often at the top of the list. After this? I have no plans yet. I’m just focused on the Road Show and getting through the summer without any leaks.

Joel: I understand you went all out this year to be ready for the road?

GH: You can say it. I bulked up. After the success of the past several years, and with the addition of Sanus to the road show, I knew they would need more room to hold all the great solutions. I spent the winter making that happen.

Joel: How?

GH: Hey, I need to keep a few things secret!

Joel: OK, let’s get to know you a bit better through your preferences. Favorite movie?

GH: American Graffiti. It’s a car lover’s dream. I’d love to be driven by Harrison Ford!

Joel: Least favorite?

GH: Blues Brothers. So many crashes.

Joel: Favorite music?

GH: I’m partial to “It’s not the miles you’ve traveled” by Loretta Lynn right now.

Joel: What was it like before you were Chief’s official Road Show truck?

GH: Life was pretty dull. I was just one solid white color, but now I’ve got blue, yellow, and a bunch of other accent colors.

Joel: What is your favorite part of the country?

GH: I can’t choose. I love so many! The magnolia trees in the South, the cactus flowers in the desert, the Pacific Coast views, the great plains with roads as far as you can see, New England’s cobblestone streets are a trip into history.

Joel: So what’s next?

GH: We’re taking a break after InfoComm to head back to Minnesota for a week. We’ll start again after that. I keep rolling on. I’d hate to collect dust. Got to keep the Road Show moving, you know.

Joel: Thanks for your time, Miss Haulin’.

GH: No problem. And please, call me Goldie.

Road Show Truck

See Goldie at InfoComm

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