AV RoadShow

Our Road Show is Bigger than Your Road Show

The team continues to traverse the Lone Star State with the latest AV solutions from Chief and Da-Lite. They spent the lion’s share of this week in and around Houston. Kathryn Gaskell, Product Manager, was tagging along this week and reports “amazing customer visits, great training and feedback on our products.”

Storage av

Stephen has nothing up his sleeves, people.


Goldie on way to next stop


ConnexSys takes center stage

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite time

Frank pics

Frank sending in pics for the blog

ConnexSys video wall mounting system

Fielding questions about ConnexSys

AV show

Several times a day – moving in and out, still smiling

Chief show

Kathryn watching the proceedings

Road Show

Stephen, providing directions on how to move forward.

Fusion cart

Talkin’ bout Fusion carts

Out on the road

On to the next stop


Good crowd

Lots of Thinstall

Kathryn loves seeing Chief Thinstall Swing Arm Mounts

ConnexSys time

ConnexSys time

Goldie on the road

Pounding more pavement.

Rob on the case

Rob is on the case

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite time

Kontour array mount

Kontour Array Mount spotted

Road show

Moving on out again

A little golf

A little golf?

Gathering around the screen

Gathering round the screen

AV rack accessories

Rob sharing some of his favorite AV rack accessories.

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The Road Show is enjoying warmer weather down south with recent stops in Dallas, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, The Colony, Irving and Austin. Next week will see Texas wrapped up and the show moving into the southeast.

Ceiling mounts

Always nice to stop and see some Chief mounts in action, like the LCMUs here.

outside AV

Another great day for an outdoor show


Da-Lite captivating the crowd

AV Installers

Good crowd

GPS fail

Sometimes you need to go with your gut, not the GPS.

demo av

Life on the road can be hard on demo gear


Ready to see some video wall mounts


Here comes the rain

AV solutions

Dispersal is part of the fun – find the stuff that interests you most

Video wall

Video wall going up here.

Checking out the ceiling mounts

Checking out the ceiling mounts

Chatting av

Chatting up the crowd

ConnexSys demo

ConnexSys ready to demo


Fusion is ready for a look.

Fusion basics

Going over the basics of Fusion.

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Missouri to Oklahoma

The road show truck has been in and out of the shop recently while the rest of the crew moved on, because the AV Road Show MUST go on.

New driver

New truck, new driver?

Missouri time

Missouri time


Goldie pops in for a spell

Midwest road show

Goldie gets a parting photo from the Midwest team

Night loading

Night loading

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite time

Oklahoma show

In Oklahoma now

AV Road Show

Introductions with Rob

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More Minnesota, and Goldie Troubles

The Road Show team finished out last week in Minnesota and headed to Illinois on the way to Missouri. However, Goldie Haulin, the Road Show Truck, decided she didn’t want to leave Illinois.

She got a bad case of diesel particle matter filter issues and got towed to a shop in Springfield on Saturday.

Road Show specialist, Tyrel, picked up a temporary rental truck and moved all the equipment to it on Sunday. This week, the team will be in St. Louis. Once Goldie is fixed, Tyrel will switch back next weekend.

“Lots of moving parts and lots of driving.  Just the way we like it,” said Tyrel.

In the meantime, some pics from the rest of the week in Minnesota, and a few of Goldie getting some attention.


Chatting with installers

Chatting with installers

Solutions for AV

Good times, fun people


Road Show

Everyone say Cheese!

Above ceiling solutions

Kristin shows some above ceiling solutions.


Kontour time. The K4 arrays are awesome.

Da-Lite time

Seth starts the screen section with style. Super.

Outdoor av show

Outside once again.

Storage for AV

Kristin showing some storage solutions

Goldie is sick

Goldie! What’s wrong?

Goldie towed

Goldie’s off to the doctor for a week of recovery.

New wheels

New digs, not as custom, but it will do in a pinch.

Tire problem


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Fridley, Minnesota, the place you wanna go ta

The AV Road Show pulled into Fridley, a northern suburb of Minneapolis, to roll out new solutions for over a dozen electrical and technology providers. Being electrical, they were particularly interested in the in-wall and above ceiling storage solutions on hand.

road show

Setting up shop

Chief module

Rolling in one of the modules

Table cover

Seth gets out the table cover


ConnexSys ready to go

in-wall box

In-wall box with scaler behind a Thinstall mount




Perspective – don’t taunt the experts

intro road show

Seth doing introductions

Above ceiling av storage

Kristin starts with the new above ceiling storage solutions, a big hit with this crowd


Kontour K4, K2 and K1 monitor mounts are ready for a look

There may be fences, but this is not a "Captive" captive audience.

There may be fences, but this is not a “Captive” captive audience.

ConnexSys features

Kristin shows the ConnexSys features


Seth at av show

Seth holds court

AV chatter

Kristin chats after the presentation


Ty Boom in a rare moment of rest during the road show

More interest in the Plenum-Rated Ceiling Storage

More interest in the Plenum-Rated Ceiling Storage

Wall of fame

Wall of fame

Fence and projection

Seth shows how a chain link fence is not as good as a proper projection screen


ViewShare time

IDEA board

IDEA Board info for the attendees

Goldie Haulin

From inside Goldie, looking out.

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Minnesota Day 1 Part 1

The nice thing about the Road Show being near Milestone HQ is the opportunity for new people to get a chance to see how the show runs, and lots of pics.

Mostly the pics.

Here’s what we got this morning from Rockford, Minnesota:

Chatting it up

Chatting it up


Seth takes the floor

Gather Round!

Gather Round!

Fusion Carts

Fusion Carts

More ConnexSys

More ConnexSys


ConnexSys time

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Michigan and Wisconsin Weeks

The Road Show crew was crazy busy the past two weeks to send in many pics, so we waited for a bunch to pile up to post. They headed up Michigan and Wisconsin with about three stops a day.

Michigan included: Ann Arbor, Wixom, Brighton, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Troy, Saginaw, Byron Center, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

Wisconsin included: Germantown, Brookfield, Milwaukee, Appleton and Green Bay.

Next week, the show is in Minnesota, with a stop at Milestone Headquarters mid week.


Inside goldie

Even Goldie needs to warm up these days.

Buffet time

George making sure the buffet is fit for consumption.

Chief in Wisconsin

Kristin joins the show in Wisconsin.

Da-Lite presentation

Seth talkin some Da-Lite in Wisconsin

Stormy weather

Stormy weather

Ben and Seth

Ben and Seth back in Road Show action.

Double thumbs up

Andre is ready for the show.

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Da-Lite Day

The Road Show Truck headed north from Kentucky to finish the week at Da-Lite Headquarters in Warsaw, Indiana. There were stops in Shelbyville, Louisville, Hebron and Erlanger in Kentucky; and Indianapolis, Indiana, before getting to Warsaw late Wednesday night.

This is the first time the Road Show has had a stop at Da-Lite, and is turning into a great opportunity for the Da-Lite team to become more familiar with Chief solutions.

Next week we continue on into Michigan! Hope to see you soon.


Da-Lite road show

Da-Lite time

Chief presentation

Ben takes the floor

Guests of road show

Guests galore

Showing chief and Da-Lite solutions

Great time for a chat


Love chatting with AV people

Da-Lite sign

No caption needed for this one :)

Goldie at Da-Lite

At Warsaw, the Chief products stay out by the truck for fresh air

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Virginia to Tennessee

The Road Show re-entered the Central Time Zone this week with visits to Roanoke, Virginia, and Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee.

Next week, we’ll be trekking through Kentucky and Indiana as the Road Show Truck makes its first visit ever at Da-Lite headquarters!

Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite takes the floor

Back to Chief

Passed back to Chief.

Projector mounts

Gabbing about projector mounts

Mike driving goldie

Mike was back this week to tag along.

Da-Lite booth

Geoff hanging out at a special event this week.

Road Show hotel

Sometimes they end up in some pretty nice hotels.

Chief booth

Brian at the booth

Thinstall mount

Spotted – Thinstall on some strut channel

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North Carolina Week

The Road Show hit the highway again after a break for Labor Day. This week, they trekked around North Carolina with stops in Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte.

Road Show begins again

Back on after a quick week off.

Outdoor show

Finding some shade



Goldie haulin

Goldie hanging out

Chief AV solutions

Waking up with Chief

Goldie's blue side

Unloading for another set up.

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