Colorado, Day 1&2

The Road Show team is in Denver this week. Yesterday they spend the day at the Doubletree as a central location for local AV installers to come check out the latest Chief and Da-Lite solutions.


Meet and greet at Doubletree

Here’s the team loading up at the end of the day… While Gail force winds hit. Luckily, the storm blew through with nothing more than a handful of sprinkles!

Loading the truck

Windy Mile High City

Today, the team is roaming the area making stops at various AV companies. Here’s their first stop.

Kontour mounts

George goes over the new Kontour enhancements

Screen demo

Demo time

Video Wall

ConnexSys Video Wall System time, gather round.


Tim’s so good, he can run a presentation with one hand.



The new video wall mounting system gets some attention

ConnexSys Video Wall

George goes over the many features of ConnexSys

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Iowa and Nebraska

The Road Show got off to a fantastic start this week with stops in Iowa and Nebraska. The Road Show truck, Goldie Haulin, got her first good run of the year.

photo photo[1] photo[2] Nebraska

Sales people like Stephanie and Kristin are always on call to help with AV solutions, even in the middle of Iowa.

photo[3] photo[4]

Seth rocks out on the wheel

Seth rocks out on the wheel

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Goldie Glamour shots

Before we could send off the brand new Road Show Truck, we had to get some glamour shots of the new and improved Goldie Haulin’s new outfit fresh off the line.

Da-Lite side

Da-Lite side

Chief side

Chief side

Front of truck

Smile big, Goldie!

Ultimate back

The Ultimate Road Show Truck


Lots of solutions, lots of room in the new truck.

Tyrel in back

Tyrel finishes loading Goldie before heading out

group shot

A proper send off for Goldie

Bonus shot: our first official pic from the road in Iowa.

Midwest team

The Midwest team is ready to show you the latest in AV solutions



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Road Show Starts a New Journey for 2014

Road Show Truck

The Chief and Da-Lite Road Show is hitting the pavement once again for a new year full of adventure. Today. Yep, we’re starting this year’s journey a few weeks early to accommodate all the stops we want to make.

The Road Show is our version of a mobile trade show that brings a truck full of our latest solutions to customers around the country for an up close look, often without even having to leave the office.

Tyrel Boehm (a.k.a. Ty Boom) is once again getting behind the wheel for six months of traversing the nation’s highways and byways like a 1950s poet. Both Tyrel and the truck have been resting up all winter, saving energy for another big summer.

Chief interactive

Tyrel, Road Show Specialist

The Road Show has been such a success over the past few years that we needed to get a bigger truck to hold all the awesome. Goldie Haulin, the Road Show truck, bulked up over the winter to be able to contain the new solutions we want to share with everyone. She’s also sporting a new look for the new year.

We’re bringing prizes, refreshments and more.

There’s also a new addition to the road show family this year! For the first time, certain stops will also feature SANUS solutions, providing a more comprehensive Milestone AV Technologies experience.

The route this year begins today in Iowa with Nebraska on deck and Colorado in the wings for next week.  The Road Show will take on the West for the first months, with a special stop in Las Vegas for InfoComm 2014.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Back of truck

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Road Show 2014 Waking from Winter’s Slumber

Road Show sign

Arrived at Chief headquarters today to find this sign on the desk of Road Show Specialist, Tyrel Boehm (YES, ladies and gentlemen, Ty-Boom is back for another season on the road!). Our long, national, Road Show-less winter nightmare is over!

With spring comes lots of planning for this year’s road show. Plans are being planned. Routes are being, um, routed? We’ve got a lot of new products and a few special surprises in store for the new year in store for you, so stay tuned!

Want to request the Road Show stop near you? Give them a holler at


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Today is the Road Show’s Last Day!

The Road Show is having its last day of stops today in Michigan before driving back to headquarters in Minnesota tomorrow. The truck took off on April 27 and has been Lewis and Clarking the lower 48 ever since. Here are a few pics from this week’s stops.


Da-Lite presentation

Da-Lite takes the floor.

AV solutions

Ben’s time to shine.

Da-Lite presentation

You can get closer, we won’t bite. :)


Showing some screens.

AV solutions

Can you spot the tablet mounts and the AV rack?

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One Week: Four States!

Four states this week. FOUR! The road show began the week in Ohio, swung down through Kentucky, then headed north through Indiana to end the week today in Michigan. Lots of miles. Lots of new AV products in front of dealers and installers for an up close look at the latest Chief and Da-Lite have to offer.

AV solutions

Tactic – surround them with solutions, it’s like panoramic AV.

AV solutions

Ben is on the scene to show some mounts.

AV solutions

Da-Lite gets some feedback.

AV solutions

Lots of solutions to go through, 60 minutes to do it.

AV lunch

Lunch helps.

AV pie

AV pie!

Ceiling tile mount

Ben shows an above tile suspended ceiling kit.

AV mingling

AV mingling time

AV solutions

Ben surrounded by the latest AV solutions

AV solutions

Da-Lite presents.

AV solutions

Food, AV solutions, knowledge.

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Two weeks left

Another week is in the books for the Road Show team. This week was largely dedicated to Ohio. Next week, Goldie Haulin and all the latest AV solutions will be traversing Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Lots of miles to come, just two weeks left for this year’s Road Show.

Road show tired

How it feels after 6-7 months of Road Show.

Road Show happy

How it feels as soon as the team sees you at the next stop.

Video wall cart

Fusion video wall cart – always a hit.

road show stop

The road show loves nice spaces.

Road show

Best part of the road show – gabbing about solutions.

screen time

Gathering round for some screen time


Lunch of champions


It takes four team members to unload a road show truck. That’s no joke.

Da-Lite solutions

Da-Lite presents their latest

da-lite presentation

birds eye view of the stop

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Oh, Hi, Ohio!

After starting the week in Pennsylvania, the Road Show team is now wandering the roads of Ohio, showcasing the latest in AV solutions from Chief and Da-Lite.

We’re in the last couple weeks of Road Show, people! Goldie Haulin and Tyrel are slowly making headway back to headquarters in Minnesota.


Ceiling Flat Panel Mount

Getting a close look at the ceiling mount uprights.

Road show

Corridor of Solutions

IDEA screen

Break out group takes a look at the video wall cart.


Da-Lite always brings the knowledge

AV solutions

Full meeting room for some food and AV solutions

AV solutions

Da-Lite goes through their presentation

AV solutions

Our favorite part of the road show – giving installers a chance to get a good look at the latest AV solutions

Road show

Another well-attended show

AV solutions

Gathering round for some screen info

AV solutions

Chief goes through their presentation

AV food

AV food

AV solutions

Eagle eye view of an event

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Massachusetts and New York

Pics from the past week on the road in Massachusetts and New York.


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