AV RoadShow

Roadshow: Canada

Kamloops and Closing out Canada

The Canada Road Show is wrapping up this week and season out west with stops in Calgary, Kamloops and Richmond. We’ll get some wrapping up thoughts from the team soon on this year’s quest. For now, some pretty pictures from the road.

Heading out of Calgary

So long Calgary!

Sunset in Kamloops

Sunset over Kamloops on way to pick up Mike for last week of the show.

Kamloops sunrise

Sunrise over the Road Show trailer in Kamloops

Kamloops airport

Mike catching up in Kamloops.


Near Coquihalla Summit and ears are popping.

Awesome hallway

A 2014 Space Odyssey featuring Mike Snizynsky!

AV stop

Panoramic room shot from Richmond.

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Sympathy Pains in Saskatoon

The Canada Road Show truck had it’s own altercation this week when minivan bumped into it. Everyone’s OK, but between this and Goldie going down at the end of last week, it’s been a bad week to be a Road Show truck.

However, it’s been a great week for AV in Saskatoon, with plenty of people stopping by to check out Chief and Da-Lite solutions. Thanks to all who came to share feedback and learn about the latest AV products.

Road Show truck

David is super sad about his truck. As are all.

Fusion mount

Checking out Fusion

T shirts for av

Yes to t-shirts!

AV Road Show

Mike and friends by the trailer

The team built a solution for dealing with curbs and bumps when moving equipment around.

The team built a solution for dealing with curbs and bumps when moving equipment around.

AV friends

Dinner with a long time customer


Looks like lots of room here for more mounts and screens!

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Regina Road Show

The Canada Road Show spent time in Regina last week. Here’s some pics from the road.

Winnipeg show

Last pic from Winnipeg

Ready to unload

Road Show Truck ready to check in

After seeing snow the previous week, Allison was happy for some sunny weather.

After seeing snow the previous week, Allison was happy for some sunny weather.

Regina road show

A whole bunch of dealers at once in Regina

AV Queen City

Loving the ceiling Fusion mounts

Parking av

Parking such a rig is not easy

Hanging in Regina

Hanging in Regina

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Thunder Bay and Winnipeg Week

The Canada Road Show was just over the lakes from the U.S. Road Show this week with stops in Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. The snow is starting to roll in as well, sad face. Good thing Goldie’s little sister is up for any road conditions.

Look for the Road Show next week in Saskatchewan. Wave if you see Goldie jr.!


Quick stop in Midland before Thunder Bay.


A great place to rest in Thunder Bay.

Snow is coming

Snow :(


David took a plane to Thunder Bay.

Road show map

Red Maple Leaf marks the Thunder Bay stop on the road show map.


Terry Fox lot

At the Terry Fox Memorial near Thunder Bay.

Goldie parking

Goldie’s little sis makes friends wherever she goes.

conference room

The team got so busy in Thunder Bay they forgot to take pics until after they packed up.

Winnipeg show

Winnipeg stop

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Hamilton, London and Cambridge – one week on the road

The Canada Road Show had a busy week traveling to several cities in Ontario, including Hamilton, London and Cambridge.

The road show continues to roll westward. Look for them next week in Thunder Bay and Winnipeg!



Discussing HD Progressive in Hamilton

Fusion cart

An up close look at the Fusion cart features


Set up in Hamilton, where the air is Sepia toned.

Road Show

David meets Mike Mayhew from Ramcom – a long-time customer, installer,
specifier and fan of Chief. David says it was great to catch up, and show him all our latest products.

Chief truck

Pulling in for the night, Chief side

Da-lite truck

Pulling in, Da-Lite side

Road Show truck

What do you mean we’re blocking the entrance?


Kicking it with Fusion mounts


Showing some ConnexSys magic

Road show trio

3/4 of Team Canada on the in Cambridge when Chief’s customer service team member, Carrie, ¬†joined the show.

Connexsys in London

Telling the ConnexSys story in London

Tshirt show

Weinstien Group got hit by the AV road show

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Toronto Week

The Canada Road Show team is spending this entire week in Toronto, with appears to involve lots of night driving if we’re going by the pics. Be sure to check out the virtual tour video they sent in, especially the hand dryer on display for no discernible reason.

Toronto nights Toronto night Toronto Traffic Night prowling Goldie nights Da-Lite's area

Set up for the show

hotel lobby two Hotel lobby Panorama AV

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The Canada crew spent a couple days in Ottawa for this stretch of the Road Show. Here are the latest pics.

av minion

Mike met a minion

ConnexSys Video Wall

ConnexSys gets some attention

Da-Lite time

Mike tells the HDProgressive story

Road Show truck

Road Show trailer has some company

Rideau Canal

Across the Rideau Canal

U.S. Embassy

The U.S. Embassy to Canada.


Allison shows her ViewShare skills.

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Montreal just got Road Showed

Yeah,¬†Road Showed is a verb now. That’s how hard the team worked in Montreal – they changed the rules of nouns! The Chief and Da-Lite Canada Road Show continues on to Ottawa, but before that, here’s some pics from Montreal.


Road Show tshirts

The team is handing out nifty Road Show t shirts along the way

Fusion mounts

Checking out the Fusion ceiling mounts and accessories

Dinner with the road show

Dinner time


ConnexSys is a big hit on the Road Show.

Road Kill Shirts

More shirts!

Road show truck outside

Beautiful weather

Road Show truck

Ready to roll

Mike and AV Road Show

Another t shirt winner.


Relaxing after another great day

Getting an up close look at the newest Fusion video conferencing cart.

Getting an up close look at the newest Fusion video conferencing cart.

Traffic on av road show

Traffic is the only thing that can slow the show.

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Quebec City!

The Canada Road Show set up shop in Quebec City Thursday and Friday this week. Here’s a boat load of pretty pics from the week to celebrate the occasion!

huge building out and about fancy building nifty street unloading David in the truck in the truck flags on the road Ha Ha! scenery2 panorama shot hanging with mike nice boat evening 1 scenery 1 road show truck

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Canada Road Show Begins!

The Canada Chief and Da-Lite Road Show kicked off this week with two days in Halifax before heading to Quebec City to close out the week today and tomorrow.

The team is already sending in gallons of pictures of the journey so far and is super excited to be showcasing the latest AV solutions to help make your next installation easier. This mobile trade show includes hands-on demonstrations of our latest technologies:



Montreal and Ottawa, you’re next!


Another wonderful day in Canada

AV solutions

Mike loves hanging with customers

Loading up

Night time loading up after a good day

too big


Road show

The Road Show trailer





Road show

It’s a road show, not a boat show.


Goldie’s watery cousin?


Checking out the enhanced Kontour mounts.

road show truck

On the way to another stop


Thinstall demo

XVAU AV cart

XVAU video conferencing cart complete with rack space

AV signage

Snappy signage – a must for the road show

Check in

Road show trailer ready to check in

Kontour array

Kontour array ready for inspection

ConnexSys demo

ConnexSys is also on hand

Set up av stuff

Lots of space, ready for you to stop by.

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