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Roadshow: Canada

Ain’t She a Beauty?

After her long trip, to her new homeland, the Canadian Road Show truck had a little pamper-fest at the fabulous Galo-Spa this weekend. Monsieur Da-Veed treated her to the full treatment, cleaning, sticker removal, rubbing compound and wax, and a tailgate manicure for good measure.


Monsieur Da-Veed is treating her right.

Monsieur Da-Veed is treating her right.

AND… you can never go wrong with a little Hula-Dash-Bling. Road Show Onward!

Hula-Dash-Bling. What every Road Show Truck needs.

Hula-Dash-Bling. What every Road Show Truck needs.

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Have Truck… Will Travel!

It’s happening!!! We are finally getting geared up to start the Canadian Road Show, a little later than usual, but better late than never. AND, we have said good bye to our faithful trailer in exchange for Goldie Haulin’s little sister.

Canadian Road Show Truck taking in the sunrise in Manistique, MI before her crossing to Canada.

Canadian Road Show Truck taking in the sunrise in Manistique, MI before her crossing to Canada.

Once the border guards gave us the go ahead, it was across the Mackinac Bridge to Sault. Ste. Marie, Ontario to her new home at Milestone Canada’s Head Office in Barrie, ON.

The Canadian Road Show Truck is finding her way home to Barrie, ON across the Mackinac Bridge.

The Canadian Road Show Truck is finding her way home to Barrie, ON across the Mackinac Bridge.

Looks like the Canadian Road Show will kick off the second week of September, and run through to the end of October. We’re coming to a city near you… watch this page for updates!

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The Centre of Canada’s Universe

I know, I know… it’s been a while since the Eastern and Central shows were completed, but we’ve been cheerfully responding to the ever increasing amount of emails and phone calls you’ve been sending us, and now, without further ado…

By the end of the Eastern Canada road show, our trailer had travelled a further 4,721 kms, add that to the 9,717 kms in the West, and Central came in with 1,524 kms. I guess we really are a big country… 15,962 kms. Lucky Dave though, his major cities are grouped a little closer together than the rest of the country.

Now is time for Dave to brag about how much he fit into a shorter distance.

5 cities
7 days of meetings
50+ separate meetings

And not one unload or load-up in the rain.


Showing off the awesome accessories that go with our LCM Menu Board Series mounts.


Some definite interest in our F1 Furniture Series Rack.


A moody shot of the WMAH3S Wall mount height adjust accessory, a really great piece for precision height adjustment with a short throw projector on a CHIEF Short Throw Wall Mount Arm.


Having a great time with customers, as we usually do.

While this post is wrapping up last year’s road show, we are busily planning this years, and will start in the East and work our way West just to mix things up. If there’s anything you want to see on the road show, just let one of us know.


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Eastern Canada – Week Two

Week two of the Eastern Canada Road Show is just wrapping up. David Galos replaced me to assist Mike on his second week of Road Show visits. The week began in Montreal for what must have been a whirlwind, as they didn’t even have time to take a photo. (ha ha ha). Things must have mellowed out as they arrived in Ottawa, as we’ve got some great shots to share with you all.

Arriving that the hotel in Ottawa, looks like we JUST fit under the canopy.


One of the evenings in Ottawa, allowed the guys to tour around the capital region. Here are a couple of shots at Canada’s Parliament Buildings.




A quick walk along the Rideau Canal.


And finally, a lovley sunset over the Parliament Buildings.


Next week, we break for CEDIA, if we haven’t yet scheduled a booth tour with you for CHIEF or Da-Lite (or BOTH!!!), please reach out to one of us to set that up!!!

We’ll be in touch in a few weeks to see what trouble we get up to in Canada’s Central Region!

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The Week That Was a Blur!!!

We survived the initial unload and set up and were only missing one set of keys, a pretty good start if I might say so.

The trailer is looking good, and the evening light flatters her greatly.


The Halifax visits were a hoot. Many laughs were had over french fry equity, to the problems faced by installers on a Friday night. (really, it was quite funny). After two fun filled days in Halifax, we hit Moncton, just inside the New Brunswick border. Had an interesting unload there. Had to back the trailer up to a back hallway door, on a gravel road, through a field, avoided some rather large boulders, but Mike is a trailer driving champ. With a LARGE 2″ lip after the gravel to get the product in the door, we were pretty tired when we were done unloading and setting up by midnight.

Had a great team in the next day who brought in some end-users and helped us pack up afterwards, they were a little surprised to see that New Brunswick was missing from our trailer map, so I explained it was the “NEW” Canadian Geometry. (yes, I meant to write Geometry).


We had to get a group shot with the trailer, and then hit the road again, this time for Quebec City.

We discovered our truck was EXTREMELY thirsty, I bet she’d give Goldie Haulin a run for her money. 38.7 litres per 100 km was our fuel economy for the first 4 hours of our 7 hour drive. We emerged from the mountainous New Brunswick, and I handed the keys over to Mike. You MIGHT say it was his driving, but I say it was the terrain. We improved to 36.1 litres per 100 km. (Way to keep those revolutions low Mike!!!)

Unloaded and set up by just before 2am, therefore Thursday was a pretty slow day for us, mentally, but enjoyed the company of many great dealers!!! We also learned that many dealers here are using our MountFinder to let their screen mmanufacturer reps know when their new equipment is launching… I knew we were good, but that is IMPRESSIVE!


One last day and we will pack up for the week and drive on to Montreal where our trailer will have a well deserved break in the lovely city of Montreal for the weekend where the Road Show will pick up again next Monday!!!

Bonne fin de semaine!!!

(for photos from the Road, check the Twitter feed on the main page, #chiefroadshow).


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CHIEF & Da-Lite Roadshow Hits Eastern Canada

The Canadian Roadshow truck is on its way to Halifax, Nova Scotia to meet up with Mike Snizynsky and Allison Cooney to start the Eastern leg of the Canadian CHIEF and Da-Lite Roadshow.

Truck CHIEF SideAs you can see our trailer has a new “do” to show off some of the great products highlighted at InfoComm this past June. (sorry Westerners, we’ll update you next time we see you!!!)

Truck Da-Lite Side

Looking forward to seeing you all in Halifax Nova Scotia, Moncton New Brunswick and Quebec City Quebec next week!!!

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Catching up with Canada

The Canada Road Show has been rolling, sometimes floating, along through the majestic Rockies and all the way back to Ontario (for Dave) and Manitoba (for Allison) for a well-earned break. Here’s a few pics from the road so far.

International Bridge

At International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Giant Goose

We are big fans of BIG animal sculptures.

Bear photo

We hope this bear mountie didn’t always get his man.


Nothing like some home cooked BBQ after a few weeks on the road show.

At Fisherman's Warf

Wendy from Da-Lite was also able to join the team.


Made it to Barrie with the truck to drop off the trailer for now.


This Moose is impressive


At Kenna Cartwright Park, Kamloops BC


Morning in Canmore, driving east.

Timmy's break

There’s always time for a Tim Hortons break.


There are some LSMVUs in that olympic location.

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Covering Canada… literally!!!

8 of 8 cities under our belt, we’re sorry we’ve not been in touch more. Here’s a quick recap.

The Western Canada Road Show began in Winnipeg, and then headed to Regina for a day.

Regina Road Show Room

Regina Road Show Room

Favourite product in Regina? The NALRBW – Rear Mount Rack Service Light. All were wowed when they saw it and figured they’d save their dental work by not having to hold their flashlights in their teeth. (except one, and you know who you are, with a fancy bite plate on their flashlight).


Rear Mount Rack Service Light

Rear Mount Rack Service Light

Early morning set up in Saskatoon, once again to a packed house! Tested Tyrel’s trailer back-up skills. Rave reviews on the Da-Lite IDEA Cart, and many who love the Da-Lite Dual Vision fabric. Tear down same day… well deserved break from driving that evening.

Scott Parker with the Trailer in Saskatoon

Long time Dealer Rep. Scott Parker with the Trailer in Saskatoon

Drove to Edmonton, AB the next day, you’ve seen photos of Bison Ranch’s, the SK/AB border in Lloydminster, SK/AB and an Oil Refinery on the outskirts of Edmonton. In the room, you can see a video of the tour here. (I was trying to enunciate, can you tell???)

What the video didn’t show were some of our customer visits… I know, I should be able to film and tour at the same time, but was taking it easy that week. :)

LOVING the micro zone adjustability of the RPM Projector Mount in Edmonton

LOVING the micro zone adjustability of the RPM Projector Mount in Edmonton

The next week we started in Calgary, and I was joined by Mike “Vanna” Snizynsky.

Mike "Vanna" Snizynsky in Calgary

Mike “Vanna” Snizynsky in Calgary

With our tight turnarounds and elevator entry and dismount in Calgary, we didn’t get too many photos again til we were in the truck… and they’re beautiful!!! Oh wait, you want to see too??? Here’s a couple from between Calgary and Kelowna.

The gates of Banff National Park

The gates of Banff National Park

HooDoos on the side of the highway.

HooDoos on the side of the highway.

Wildlife Corridor on the Trans-Canada Highway between Banff & Lake Louise

Wildlife Corridor on the Trans-Canada Highway between Banff & Lake Louise

They tried to warn us...

They tried to warn us… and our 43′ rig.

But we made it to Lake Louise!!!

But we made it to Lake Louise!!!

Almost in Golden

Almost in Golden, BC

Sure glad our truck didn't need one of these!!!

Sure glad our truck didn’t need one of these!!!

Train heading east, clear blue water below.

Train heading east, clear blue water below.

This Big Horn Sheep wanted to run away with the Road Show... he's really good with "mount-in".

This Big Horn Sheep wanted to run away with the Road Show… he’s really good with “mount-in”.

More to come… stay tuned!!!

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We’re on a boat

The Canada Road Show has been steadily moving west. When they ran out of road, they just. kept. going.

Sunrise over Victoria

Sunrise over Victoria

In line for the ferry

In line for the boat.

On the boat

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

Boat to Victoria

If the Road Show is no longer on a road, is it still a a road show?

Over the past week, they’ve covered a lot of ground. Here’s a few more pics from the road…


Crossing the bridge in Revelstoke


The seal looking for scraps at Steveston Pier seemed interested in the Thinstall solution.


The Road Show trailer in front of Chateau Lake Louise.


Great welcome from folks in Kelowna.

Kelowna 2

Never too busy to stop for a group photo!

Allison demo

iPad mounts and Raxxess racks are on board

Group shot 2

One more group shot, then on the road again!


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Week 2.5 – Photos

The Canada Road Show is in Calgary and Kelowna this week. We’ve got a few pics from the trip so far…

Mountie Hats

Chief’s Mike Moon and Scott Rohe have Canada fever from following the Canada tweets and posts online.

Cooney with truck

Allison Cooney took over truck duties after Road Show Specialist Tyrel Boehm’s departure last week.

No Rest

Chief Road Show means getting up before dawn to get to the next stop.

Border crossing

The orange posts indicate the Saskatchewan/Alberta border.

Bison ranch

A bison/buffalo ranch.

Great room A

West Edmonton’s road show event was in Great Room A (or is it Great Room, Eh?) :)






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