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Roadshow: Canada

Toronto Tourists

Well… err… it’s been a couple of weeks since we had our Toronto Road Show… and what a well attended event it was. We’re a little late in posting about it, but better late than never, right?

It was four pretty full days of meetings, with Jane Cliff, our Regional Sales Manager for our Central Region, Tim Gould, our Inside Account Manager for Canada, and David Galos our Director of Sales for Canada all in attendance to greet customers. While Dave and Jane are natives to Toronto, I believe this was Tim’s first visit, and it looks like he’s seen the CN Tower, while I… in Western Canada have not yet. 🙂 (seen, not visited).

Team Canada at CN Tower

Team Canada at CN Tower

It’s very fun to be a tourist in your own town, and when they weren’t working, it looks like there was a little play happening too. 🙂

Toronto Touring

Toronto Touring

Watch for updates of our next adventures in 2018… usually April… hope to see you in the West!

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Bonne Journée Montréal!

We had a very successful week in Halifax and Ville de Québec last week, and have again, begun our touring in Montreal today through Wednesday, and then  Thursday and Friday in Ottawa.

Tour through the show in Halifax!

Tour through the show in Halifax!

Truck and trailer arrives in Quebec City, more shows to do.

Truck and Trailer in Quebec City

Rise and shine… time to drive…

Quebec City Tour

Quebec City Tour

And with only a couple nights off, things are already underway in Montreal this morning…

Sharp's Team in for a tour in Montreal

Sharp’s Team in for a tour in Montreal

It’s not too late to join… come on out. Hope to see you all!

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OB1… You’re Our Only Hope!

Lucie and David have spent a day in Halifax, and driven across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and a portion of Quebec, to set up in Quebec City. Join then at the Grand Time Hotel for some great croissants and of course some great new products from Chief & Da-Lite.

PRSU - Rental & Staging Stand with Road Case

Easiest flat panel floor stand to set up, tear down and keep protected from scratches, with its Millennium Falcon-like road case.

The PRSU is gaining a lot of attention on this Road Show. If you haven’t seen it yet, get out to one of our next shows.

XVM1X1U - A flat panel cart that will support the whole galaxy... or a really large flat panel.

XVM1X1U – A flat panel cart that will support the whole galaxy… or a really large flat panel.

The XVM1X1U needs a whole corner to show off. This bad boy can hold up to 500 lbs. so a little less than the whole galaxy, but a 105″ flat panel, no problem.

OB1 high capacity over whiteboard flat panel mount

OB1 hangs your large or extra large flat panel over a whiteboard using what he knows best… The Force.

May The Force… and OB1… be with you. He is still in jedi training, and we should have some pricing information and a launch date coming soon. No whining or we’ll set our wookie on you.

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Eastern Road Show 2017

We’re about to hit the Road again, and would like to extend the following invitations to our Dealers, End-Users, AV Consultants, Architects and Vendor partners. Please see the invitations for the events below, and book one time slot for your entire team.

Road show trio

Allison Cooney (Western Canada), Carrie Cascagnette (Customer Care/Order Desk), and David Galos (Director of Sales – Canada).

Sept. 11 – Halifax

Sept. 13 & 14 – Quebec City/Ville de QuĂ©bec

Sept. 18, 19, & 20 – Montreal/MontrĂ©al

Sept. 21 & 22 – Ottawa

You’ll get to meet your new Eastern Canada Sales Manager. Lucie Martin at the show, so be sure to bring out your team.

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10th Anniversary of the Canadian Road Show

Today we start our 10th Road Show year.

We were much younger when we first did the roadshow in Canada.

It started at the Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver. Carlos and I put together a great mix of product, presented in the suite – very cool. Packed the rental Caravan to the roof and drove through the mountains in January to continue in Calgary and Edmonton.

Central Canada Road Show - London, ON

Central Canada Road Show – London, ON

Many shows have passed… good times, like the mouse running through the restaurant in one location, or enjoying the sunrise in Halifax and Victoria. Lunch in Kamloops with long time customer and friend of Chief. Driving in the dark through Roger’s Pass with Allison – OMG I’m glad it was dark that year.

I love the chance to catch up with customers throughout Canada – which I don’t get to do often enough, so when it happens, I truly appreciate it.

Central Canada Road Show - London, ON

Central Canada Road Show – London, ON

Here’s to a new year, re-inventing our show each time is my challenge, and our product team makes that easy. New brands have been added, expanding our base of friends.

Milestone, Thank you for the opportunity to keep doing these tours.


P.S. Here’s a little flashback to 2010, nice work in front of the Camera Dave.    – Allison

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Lobsters, and Parking and Goats… Oh My!

What a great kick off to a week in Eastern Canada for our Annual Road Show. Mike Snizinsky hosted myself and Rhen Taylor, Senior Product Manager Da-Lite, in Halifax for Monday and Tuesday of this week. Set up went well, but very warm. The humidity was a kind and gentle 94% on Sunday evening for our setup. This prompted Rhen to rework the Halifax city motto to Liberté, Égalité, Humidité.

Great visit with Backman Vidcomm to start off the Eastern Road Show

Great visit with Backman Vidcomm to start off the Eastern Road Show


We had visits from Backman Vidcomm, Basil AV, Graybar, 3D Datacom, Vistacare, and Think Imaging. Thanks for the great visits! Always fun to hear about the projects going on across the country.

The Citadel front gate, a.k.a. Ft. George.

The Citadel front gate, a.k.a. Ft. George.

We had a bit of time to head over to The Citadel, though it was closed. It was a great hill walk, and view of the city. Cruise ships coming into harbor and all of the new construction happening in downtown Halifax.

Panoramic view of downtown Halifax.

Panoramic view of downtown Halifax.

Rhen scored a Halifax Hattrick on this trip, having the local lobster for all three meals, this was quite a feat.

Halifax Hattrick Champion - Rhen Tay,lor

Halifax Hattrick Champion – Rhen Taylor

Our Road Show truck and trailer had some adventures this trip as well, we thought our first parking lot was quite a way from the hotel, until the parking authority called and asked us to move due to a private event being held in the lot. We found a Rona/Shopper’s Drug Mart about 10kms from the hotel, only took me 2.5 hours, where they were comfortable to stay for the afternoon, THANKS to them, even if they didn’t realize we visited.

Our Truck and Trailer, spending the afternoon at Rona and Shopper's Drug Mart.

Our Truck and Trailer, spending the afternoon at Rona and Shopper’s Drug Mart.

And finally, our lunch/sometimes dinner spot was right beside the hotel. The staff were great, thank Anthony & Lindsay! The food was great, with many kinds of Mac N’ Cheese. Even their custom bar top had Da-Lite bowties embedded in it. The Rusty/Roasted/Stubborn Goat. (Mike’s short term memory isn’t what it used to be).

The Stubborn Goat (the actual name, not one of Mike's mis-remembered monikers).

The Stubborn Goat (the actual name, not one of Mike’s mis-remembered monikers).

We started out bright and early this morning for Quebec City… should be a full day drive. Good-bye Halifax, we’ll miss your narrow roads (not really), and your lobster.

MacDonald Bridge, on our way out of Halifax to Quebec City

MacDonald Bridge, on our way out of Halifax to Quebec City

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Road Show Heading East

The latest pictures from the Road Show.

Edmonton school

Edmonton Public School Board installers join Allison first thing in the morning for a tour, in Edmonton, AB.


Alberta Saskatchewan border in Lloydminster which is a border town straddling both provinces. 


Rhen after a full day of tours. 


The truck and trailer at Allison’s fave breakfast spot in Calgary, The Galaxie Diner as seen in the movie Snow Day. 

Washing time

Dave taking a moment to make the trailer sparkle. 

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Road Show Reaches the Coast

The road show reached Vancouver with plenty of time for sight seeing.


shrimp and salmon

Shrimp and Salmon for sale at Steveston Pier Sunday Fish Market. 


Marine Gateway Cineplex Theatre panoramic shot. Menu boards using Chief LWM product and video wall using ConnexSys. 


Red Sea urchin for sale at Steveston Pier Sunday Fish Market.

sea lions

Sea Lions hoping for some fish to be thrown their way at the Steveston Pier

Vancouver Road Show

Vancouver Road Show setup in panorama. At the Pacific Gateway Hotel. 

Cherry blossoms

Beautiful sunny morning view at breakfast before heading down the highway towards Calgary. The cherry blossoms are out on the tree behind. Thank you BC. 

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Western Canada Road Show Route

Our route will begin in the west this year and head East, so that our trailer ends up back at head office in Barrie, ON. With the help of Vance, our fearless driver, the truck is currently in Moose Jaw, SK for a little relaxation at the spa, and then onwards towards Vancouver where David Galos and Allison Cooney will pick her up at the airport and then head over to Victoria by ferry for our first stop on Monday next week.

Western Canada Chief & Da-Lite Road Show Route Map, 2016.

Western Canada Chief & Da-Lite Road Show Route Map, 2016.

If you see our truck and trailer, be sure to honk and wave, Vance is a really nice guy. Caution, we haven’t warned him of this yet, so he may look at you and think you’re crazy.

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Here we go again!

Hello Western Canada, we’re coming for a visit to a city near you! Our truck and trailer are already headed to the left coast and we hope you’ve signed on to come out to the show. Please book in using the booking links below, one ticket for your whole group will suffice.

Truck and Trailer heading to Victoria for 2016 Chief & Da-Lite Road Show

Truck and Trailer heading to Victoria for 2016 Chief & Da-Lite Road Show

Dates and Booking links are shown below. Don’t miss out, we’re almost sold out in a couple of cities already.

Victoria – April 4
Vancouver – April 6, 7 & 8

Calgary – April 11 & 12
Edmonton – April 14 & 15

Saskatoon – April 18
Regina – April 21

Winnipeg – April 25 & 26
Thunder Bay – April 28

If you can’t join us in April, we’ll be at InfoComm. Come see Chief & Da-Lite in the same booth, #C5408. Email me to book a tour.

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